About our Company

You deserve clean air.

The TruAQ way
TruAQ was founded in Vancouver, BC during a time when many had to rethink our relationship with clean air. To us, clean air is just as fundamental to healthy living as clean water. As air concerns continue to rise, clean air is now, more so than ever, a worldwide priority.

As the official distributors of Healthway® and Intellipure® products in Canada, we drive the world forward by transforming your private or public space into a clean air oasis.
Our values
Supplying clean air for all
We’re a solution-driven company that’s always looking for ways to improve air quality. We believe everyone deserves clean air and we’re working hard to bring it to as many people as possible, with top-of-the-line air purifiers.
Offering only the best technologies
We only sell products that have been tested and proven to make a significant difference in air quality. Products using best-in-class technology to deliver the cleanest indoor air experience while protecting the planet and environment. Products we believe in.
Leading the way to a cleaner future
We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our services so that we can better satisfy your needs. We’re happy to share our expertise to help you make informed decisions about your air quality needs.
Our vision
Our team works hard to bring the next level of air purification into every indoor space across Canada. Why? Because everyone deserves clean air.
Driven to provide air purification to all 10 provinces & 3 territories in Canada.
Working to supply
clean air to over 10,000 indoor spaces.
The number of people in Canada that deserve clean air.
Continuing to stock products that can capture harmful air particles as small as 0.007μm.
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