Clean Air: The Must-Have Essential for Real Estate Developments

The TruAQ for Real Estate
Make every room a safe space. Forest fire smoke, viruses and odours are no match for TruAQ's best in class air purification products.

From homes to commercial buildings, DFS technology achieves greater efficiency than HEPA filters while delivering high air flow (CFM) with low-to-zero pressure drop.

Greater than MERV 16 efficiency with low-to-zero pressure drop
Deactivates mould, viruses, fungi, and bacteria inside the filter
Designed for easy integration with HVAC systems
Results in 50%-70% less energy consumption than other in-line units
Results in lower carbon emissions to help achieve ESG goals
500 ft² — 5000 ft²
Commercial & Retail
Playrooms, nurseries, pre-schools, daycares
200 ft² — 5000 ft²
Classrooms, auditoriums, teacher’s lounges, cafeteria
500 ft² — 1200 ft²
Hospitals, dental offices, cleanrooms, nursing homes
200 ft² — 5000 ft²
Classrooms, auditoriums, teacher’s lounges, cafeteria
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The right air purifiers for all your needs
Ideal for condos, townhomes & houses
HealthWay Super V
The Super V Whole House Air Cleaner is designed for both whole house and commercial space applications. Its patented DFS technology circulates fresh, contaminate-free air throughout the space to protect asthma and allergy sufferers, small children, seniors, and immuno-compromised individuals who are susceptible to airborne infections.
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Ideal for entryways & lobbies
HealthWay® 2000IL
The HealthWay® 2000IL is a scalable, modular, energy-efficient air purification solution that can be front or side-loaded to fit nearly any air handler. Using HealthWay’s patented DFS technology, it’s able to ensure 98% filtration at 0.3 micron. Its unique picture-frame design makes the unit simple to maintain and support. Designed to be used “inline”, the 2000IL uses the HVAC system blower and can be installed in an air handler or in a duct run.
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Ideal for multiple in-room limitations
HealthWay Fan Filter Unit
The Intellipure Fan Filter Unit (FFU) utilizes proprietary DFS Technology to filter greater than 99.99% of particulate down to 0.3 micron. The FFU is installed easily replacing common ceiling tiles & can supply clean air with or without a ducted return. This brand-new utilization of our DFS Technology results in energy savings of up to 70% per installed unit compared to HEPA alternatives.
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