How To Protect Your Child Post-Pandemic

How To Protect Your Child Post-Pandemic


When you think of air quality and your child's health, do you believe they're related? Most of us would agree they are, but what about in your own home? You'd think the air would be safe there, right? Post-pandemic, the answer may shock you.

Is Covid Finally Over?

The pandemic being over has led many to believe Covid is too. This, however, is not true. We are now in what experts call an endemic, which means Covid-19, like the flu and common cold, will be on this earth for a very long time. 

To protect your kids, wearing a mask and washing your hands seems to be what everyone has been talking about, at least until recently. 

How Clean Air Can Protect Your Child

Part of the reason we've ended the pandemic is because of new solutions to help contain it. According to a recent study, special air purifiers were put in schools to see the effect on Covid transmission. 

The results? 

Placing air purifiers in the school was shown to stop the spread of Covid by 41%. Other studies had similar conclusions. But why does this matter? How can regular people get access to these purifiers for their own homes?

TruAQ is one of the few companies that provide these special air purifiers. Most purifiers use HEPA technology that is not designed to catch the tiny particles that will transmit viruses.

TruAQ not only has the technology needed in their purifiers to catch these small particles, but it can also be effective in large rooms, something most purifiers simply aren't.

Bottom Line

Just like a locked door will make it less likely that a burglary will happen, getting a medical-grade purifier in your home is another roadblock between your child and Covid. The world is changing, and we must develop new ways to protect our children.