Why Companies Are Investing In Indoor Air Quality Solutions In 2023

Why Companies Are Investing In Indoor Air Quality Solutions In 2023


Indoor air quality solutions are becoming an increasingly important consideration for the world's most forward-thinking companies. With rising health, safety, and environmental concerns, businesses recognize that the air quality inside is just as important as the air quality outside.

By investing in indoor air quality solutions, companies are aiming to take a proactive approach to protect their employees' and customers' health.

Here's why.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions Keep the Workplace Healthy

Every time someone is sick, it's a punch in the gut for co-workers who have to pick up the slack and a soccer kick to a business's bank accounts.

Over time, after all, doesn't come cheap.

In December, 8.1% of employees were absent due to illness or disability. That's up from 6.8% in November!

Sickness is unavoidable, but forward-thinking companies like International Electronics Incorporated are investing thousands of dollars to keep their workers off the chicken noodle soup and in the workplace as much as possible.  


Indoor Air Quality Solutions Affect Employee Productivity

There's a reason why companies like Google and Facebook invest so much in their office spaces.

You've seen the videos. Bean bag chairs, foosball tables, and buffets of food made by gourmet chefs - successful businesses always invest in their employees. As much as we'd like to believe that companies do this to be nice, there are tangible benefits for them as well.

According to the statistics, employees who feel more comfortable in their workspaces are 50% more productive.


A Step Towards Creating a More Stable Business Environment

Whenever we think of non-eco-conscious companies, we picture a guy, in an office, with a cigar and a 3D model of a factory he wants to build.

Unfortunately, those types of people still exist, but companies like Enbridge Incorporated are starting to break the mold and invest in better solutions. They’ve spent over 7 billion dollars on renewable energy since 2002.

Beyond the health and environmental benefits, many companies recognize the financial advantages of investing in indoor air quality solutions.

The use of energy-efficient building materials and heating and cooling systems can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Businesses across Canada are also saving money on energy bills and maintenance costs by investing in air purifiers, air filters, and other indoor air quality solutions.


Indoor Air Quality Solutions Lead to a Better Customer Experience

Companies recognize that indoor air quality solutions can help create a better customer experience.

Studies have shown that air quality can even affect a customers' decision-making process and attitude towards a brand.

A building with fresh, clean air can make a lasting impression, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions: The Bottom Line

The world's most forward-thinking companies understand that indoor air quality is not something to be taken lightly.

However, the problem is deeper than mustard on a hotdog and doesn’t stop with indoor air quality solutions but instead a holistic approach to health and comfort.

Investing in indoor air quality solutions is a step in the right direction and one that can pay off for corporations in the long run.