Clive at Collingwood Case Study

Clive at Collingwood Case Study



The air we breathe has a significant impact on our health. This is why poor indoor air quality has been scientifically proven to lead to different health problems including stroke, heart disease, and lung cancer. As such, real estate developers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of providing clean and healthy indoor air to their residents. This case study examines a Vancouver real estate project, Clive at Collingwood, that will integrate Intellipure air purification in every home, and throughout their entire building—a first in Canada.


The Clive at Collingwood project is a mid-rise residential building located in Vancouver, by Joyce-Collingwood Skytrain Station. Clive at Collingwood features 68 modern condominiums and townhomes over six floors and within three separate buildings ranging from one to three-bedroom units. The developer, Nexst Properties is known for their commitment to building innovative and quality homes. While presales for the project launch came at a time when Covid-19 was top-of-mind for many individuals, the ongoing concerns with indoor air quality during annual wildfire and flu seasons have made the decision to install air purification into the building a sound, and smart one. For Clive at Collingwood, Nexst Properties’ goal was to create a modern, smart home that promoted wellness and healthy living.


With the objective of being the first building to be fully integrated with the highest level of air treatment available, a decision was made to install individual filtration into every enclosed area within the buildings and within each and every unit. Using patented Disinfecting Filtration (DFS) Technology, these air purification units outperform all HEPA-based filtration and filters out 99.99% of pollutants, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles, ensuring that all residents breathe clean and healthy air. This filtration equipment was engineered to be installed as part of the buildings’ core heating and cooling system, making it a fully integrated part of the building and each home and not an afterthought.  All air that goes into the building passes through DFS filtration, which captures 99.99% or micro-particulates down to 0.007 microns—40x smaller than HEPA’s filtration capabilities.

Residents will no doubt benefit from the immediate effects of these efforts, but also from the ongoing, and long-term health benefits of living in clean air.

Current Status

Clive at Collingwood presales started in June 2021 with the official project launch. Nexst properties has sold over 75% of the homes with a strong message of its first-of-a-kind building, offering air quality benefits and smart home features that are a pioneering step towards what should hopefully become a permeant fixture in every new home. Clive at Collingwood is currently under construction, and TruAQ is extremely excited to be a part of this project. Being able to provide Intellipure air purification throughout the entire building, so residents can experience homes that are free from harmful airborne contaminants, is an exciting first for the future of every home.


Integration of air purification throughout a building and in every home is a simple yet effective way to improve indoor air quality, and not as complicated as some may think.  This real estate project is an excellent example of how real estate developers can prioritize the health and wellbeing of their residents by providing clean and healthy air. The benefits of such an investment extend beyond the health of residents and have the potential to reduce energy consumption, increase marketability, and make a significant impact on the overall sustainability of the project. We’re thrilled to be part of this new Clean Air Movement.