Why Air Purifiers are Popular in 2023

Why Air Purifiers are Popular in 2023


How important is clean air in our homes, workplaces, and daily lives? What lengths would you go to in order to be healthy? The good news is that thanks to new and improved air purifiers, a consistent flow of clean air is just a button press away!

So, is it just the pandemic that's got people rushing to their local Walmart?

Not exactly...

In this blog, we'll be breaking down air purifier benefits and why air purifiers have become a must-have in 2023.

Heightened Awareness: The Rise Of Air Purifiers and Air Pollution

The government has been on alert for air cleanliness for decades. Yes, a few policies have been put in place, but the problem remains. Now, every day Canadians are starting to take the initiative.

That doesn't mean they’re suddenly going full Gretta Thunberg; they're just getting more educated on air quality after months of being trapped indoors during COVID-19.

The market backs up this notion.

The industry is expected to grow by almost 300 million dollars in 2023. That might not seem like much on a global scale, but most large industries would drool over that type of sudden growth.

So, do air purifiers actually work, or are they a mewing type fad that the public has accepted due to fear? Science has actually always supported the impact that air purifiers have on indoor air quality (even pre-Covid). According to experts, air purifiers can reduce indoor air pollution by up to 99%."

Air Purifiers Kill 99% Of Mould

Got mould? Maybe you do, but you're not aware of it. Nobody wants to suffer from the world's most despised fungus; however, it's become a silent problem.

Some experts would even argue that it's become a subtle killer…

It's not the mould itself. What makes it fatal is that it can cause severe and sometimes life-threatening illnesses for those with various morbidities like asthma. Mould often isn't even visible to the human eye, making the average person oblivious to its toxins.

Many people are unaware that particles like mould can get into a home through vents, windows, and doors. While it may not live in plain sight, many have found out that mould can be dangerous if not addressed.

Obviously Covid, But There's More

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the importance of air purifiers in reducing the risk of respiratory infection and ensuring the health and safety of ourselves and our families.

While the virus is still a concern, we're (thankfully) in the post-Covid era. There's no denying it's still a threat. However, the consumer data reflects that people are still interested in improving the air quality they breathe with or without a raging pandemic.


Air purifiers: A Breather From Asthma?

Inhalers, nebulizers, and an annual case of pneumonia- how do all of these things relate to the popularity of air purifiers? For asthma patients, the air they breathe is a huge factor in how often they need to seek treatment.

An easy fix that the asthma afflicted commonly hear is to get rid of any carpets in the home and carry an inhaler.

But what's the root cause? It's not the carpet!

It's the pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens in the air. Even if you go totally carpet free, the problem is still there. Because of Covid and heightened awareness, 20% of people with asthma own air purifiers.

Breathing is often taken for granted for those without respiratory problems, but air purifier benefits are a game changer for people living with asthma.


The Perfect Solution for Eliminating Second-Hand Smoke and Smoking Odor

Who here hates the smell of cigarettes? According to the global market, even smokers do! While an air purifier obviously can't kick a pack-a-day smoking habit, more people are using it to clean out the smoke and smell from their households.

Not only do they make your home smell better, but they can make any area smoke-free and safer to breathe in.


Pet Dander

It's safe to assume that many people love pets, but not many people like dealing with pet dander. According to Forbes Magazine, 78% of pet owners bought their pets during the pandemic, so it's unsurprising that air purifiers are on the rise.

And it's money well spent!

As we alluded to earlier, one of the benefits from HEPA-grade (and above) air purifiers include its ability to fight off pet dander.

Air Purifier Benefits: The Bottom Line

In total, air purifier benefits include:

●      Reducing the risk of respiratory infection.

●      Eliminating second-hand smoke.

●      Killing mold.

●      Reducing asthma symptoms.

●      Trapping pet dander and pollen.


So, is it Covid driving the rise of air purifiers? Maybe it was at first, but the science behind the benefits of air purification has always been consistent, and if Covid was the catalyst, at least people are now more aware of how they can live healthier lives in 2023.